Optimal Fetal Positioning

Daily Practices to Help Your Baby’s Position For Birth

As a childbirth educator and birth doula since 2000, one of the most common challenges I see laboring women face is baby not being in the optimal position for labor and birth. Optimal fetal positioning makes it easier for your baby to pass through the pelvis and birth canal. I found Spinning Babies years ago and use Gail’s practices and teachings with my clients and students. The video below is a necessity for ALL pregnant women. The video is simple and short. I encourage everyone to download the video and start your daily program as soon as you find this page. I tell all of my clients and students “the more work you put in NOW, during pregnancy will mean less work you put in during your labor and birth”. Do yourself this favor :) a little more time spent now can mean a lot less time spent later! Best of luck and happy birthing! Stacey Melito



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