Back to Work Lactation Consultation

Working and Breastfeeding 
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Back to Work Lactation Consultation with a certified IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Are you planning to return to work or school after your baby is born? An individual lactation consult will prepare you for this next phase of breastfeeding. Working and breastfeeding or pumping at work may seem intimidating. It’s normal to have questions and concerns about how you will continue to breastfeed and return to work or school. You may be wondering what to do regarding breastmilk pumping and storage, when to begin storing milk, how to balance feeding your baby and having extra milk for when you return to work. There are questions you will need to ask your daycare provider to insure your milk supply will remain adequate and your baby is satisfied.  Heather can assist with your Pumping Plan for this next phase of breastfeeding. We recommend scheduling your appointment a month in advance of returning to work. This assures you have the support you need when you need it.

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