Testimonials for Stacey-Bergin Melito

Stacey Bergin-Melito ICCE, CD(DONA)

“Calm personality, dedicated, a wonderful asset to the world of doulas.”
Valerie Imperial, MD

“Stacey helped to make a lovely birth for everyone involved.” Patricia McHardy, CNM

“Keep doing what you’re doing!” Anne Walters, CNM

“First, I want to thank you for your support and guidance during my birth experience. I often think how lucky I am to have given birth to my son naturally. It was the most amazing, intense and incredible day of my life. I truly believe your work as my doula helped to make it all possible. You provided a sense of comfort and strength during the times when I needed it most. You helped me believe in my ability to bring JD into this world naturally. Your words of encouragement and your own personal experience with natural childbirth allowed me to trust the process. Today I feel so empowered and strong when I think of my birth story and I’m so happy it turned out exactly how I had hoped. Thank you! You didn’t let me give up and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to get through the toughest moments during labor.
You are a “must” for any couple considering natural childbirth!” Amy

“Stacey, thank you so much for your guidance, wisdom, humor and warmth over these past weeks. We are so grateful to have been your students. You have encouraged us to honor our choices, to make educated decisions and to believe and trust in our bodies and nature. We are certain that our birth experience will be positively affected by this course.” Alice and Max

“Although my husband was a bit reluctant at first to commit to eight weeks of childbirth classes, we both came to love class day as the time to tune in to and celebrate our pregnancy. And “Our Pregnancy” is truly what it became, since classes taught him how to be an active player in every aspect of it. He was able to help me relax, take better care of myself and of our baby, and he was informed about any decisions we needed to make concerning the pregnancy and birth. And when the “Big Day” came, he was there without reservation. I’ll never forget the intense connection he and I shared as he coached me through my labor. We are truly grateful. “
“When my wife and attended the standard hospital childbirth classes, I was amazed at the number of husbands who seemed as if they would rather be somewhere else, and the number of wives who seemed to be comfortable with that. While I will admit to being a bit apprehensive initially, it took only one class to make a believer of me. Stacey Bergin was the first person, besides my wife, who made me feel as if I actually had a place in our pregnancy, and encouraged me to claim that place. Stacey taught me that fatherhood begins long before the birth and I cannot even imagine having played a smaller role in our pregnancy, and in the birth of our child.”

“I think the phrases that Stacey used were really encouraging. Stacey never left my side, and always displayed extreme confidence, which I needed.” Jill

“I’m so glad we met Stacey and got to learn about doulas. It’s an extremely helpful role, and a great supplement to the coach.”

“Johndon did a great job coaching. Due to him, I didn’t take any pain medication. I must tell you that all the exercises I did helped. I didn’t have back labor, thanks to ALL the pelvic rocking. And the relaxation techniques were great. Our doctor & nurses said they hadn’t seen a labor like that before. They said Johndon was the best labor coach they’d seen, including professional coaches. And, they were surprised that I didn’t take pain medication :)”

“You were SOOOOO AWESOME!!! I could not have done it without you, seriously! You’re the BEST!! That was so cool how you remained so calm. Your calm demeanor totally made me relax. Thank you SO MUCH for making this a great experience. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone. As for not wanting to get to the hosp. too early, I would say, mission accomplished! Again, thanks so much for your help!”



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