Vinyasa Yoga, Mom’s Best Friend!

Yoga is an amazing way to nourish your mind, body and soul. Our prenatal yoga program has helped many pregnant, soon to be mommas feel fit and centered during their pregnancy and prepared for the physical and mental work of birth. Once a woman becomes a mom, the need for grounding doesn’t end. Instead, it increases. Our purpose at Natal to Nest is to create a space where families feel nourished and a sense of belonging, a place to embrace natal to nest-vinyasa yoga-being a momwomanhood-before, during and after pregnancy. Vinyasa Yoga classes at Natal to Nest are a Mom’s best friend. You could be a new mom or an old pro. All moms benefit from feeling grounded, centered and nourished. In case you haven’t heard, Natal to Nest is celebrating Moms this
week, offering FREE fitness classes! Stop in for a Vinyasa class and leave feeling your best “mom” self!


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