Postnatal Breastfeeding Class?

Yep, a postnatal breastfeeding class! I’ve been excited about our postnatal breastfeeding class “Breastfeeding the First Six Weeks,” ¬†ever since Cindy and I first talked about offering it at Natal to Nest in Highlands Ranch (once known as Breastfeeding Boot Camp). During my first pregnancy I took a breastfeeding class when I was pregnant (DUH!). Well, once my son was born I didn’t remember anything I’d learned. PLUS, I didn’t know his personality or any of the challenges that we might have to face when I was pregnant. While expressing this to Cindy during a brainstorming session, the answer became obvious; a postpartum breastfeeding class! A class new moms would attend with their newborns. Well, alls I have to say is what a difference timing makes!

Here’s what one of our latest mommas wants everyone to know “I attended the postnatal breastfeeding class with my newborn because of pain associated with nursing her. Even though I had attended a breastfeeding class before and knew what a good latch looks like, this course was different as you get hands on experience so you know what a good latch feels like with your baby. We were able to spend time one on one with the certified lactation consultants, and ask questions in a supportive group setting. ¬†This class has completely changed the way I nurse, and both my baby and I are so much happier! I would recommend taking this class as soon as possible after birth.”

For more information on Breastfeeding The First Six Weeks, or to register click here.

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