Nurtured. Right From the Start.

breastfeeding|breastfeeding tips|natal to nest highlands ranch coloradoThere are those five words again. “Nurtured. right from the start.” Here at Natal to Nest, the emphasis is intentional. “Nurtured;” meaning “to nourish….the act or process of raising or promoting development; training, rearing, upbringing.*” And “Right from the start,’ as in “to focus on all the environmental factors, collectively, to which the individual is subject from conception onward, as distinguished from nature or heredity.” This is a powerful message. It begins in expectation, doing the right things before birth and after.

We’ve passed World Breastfeeding Week, and we’re in National Breastfeeding Month. Notice the emphasis? It’s intentional. This month is dedicated to encouraging new mothers to consider the most natural way of feeding your baby; from your own body. If you are able, breastfeeding is not only a wonderful way to bond, but babies receive more natural immunity to diseases from breastfeeding. Contrary to what many believe, it’s practical. It is surely economical.

Over the next week, we’ll offer a few tips to help you and those you know who may be considering breastfeeding:

Here is one from one tip from Heather Cordova B.S., IBCLC, one of our Natal to Nest Lactation Consultants:“When all things are working, all things work well” says Heather. “ When they aren’t, sometimes getting a baby to nurse is as simple as shifting the position of the baby a quarter of an inch. That can be the difference between having pain, and no pain. New moms ask me ‘What does deeper mean? What is a difference between a shallow latch and deeper?” Just one quarter inch can change things, but new moms can’t always see it or do this alone.” Her favorite tip for new moms? “For latching, bring your baby to you, don’t lean into your baby.”

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* Source: Webster’s Dictionary

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