Dads spend a lot of time on their knees.

Has no one ever told you this? Someone should.

If you’re a new mom, understand that the man with whom you fell in love with is going to go through some pretty remarkable changes of his own. Within a few months of becoming a “DADDY,” men do something they usually haven’t done in years. They get down on the floor, on their knees.

From ground level, the world looks entirely different. Where standing upright, he may have viewed the world as a mountain to be conquered, or a business deal to be won. He could look long into the future. But once he’s a new daddy, he can quickly understand that the pinnacle of his achievement is less than 25 inches long, can’t yet roll over, and that the floor can be a pretty remarkable play ground. He sees that what matters is right now, this minute. Down he goes, and he doesn’t come up off the floor until its time for T-ball or toddler ballet.

Why men do this is not exactly a mystery; men play and bond in different ways from women. While women have historically bonded with our children holding them or singing to them, Daddy’s are more physical. Creating their relationship means play…doing something, building something, moving something. Over time, it will mean more rough-housing; more activities like wrestling, and building blocks, and creating things.

The floor stage begins quickly. Within six weeks, that living, breathing, little human can focus on her daddy’s face, reach for his fingers. A few more months and games of patty cake and “motor boat” fill Daddy hours on the floor, on his knees. Every day brings new achievements, as she rolls over to touch the tinkling toy, bangs two blocks together or, with Daddy’s help, puts one block on top of another.

The floor is the best place to learn to roll over, to crawl, to begin to stand, to hear, “You can do it!” from both Mommy and Daddy. And then, there is that precious photo op moms wait to get; daddy fast asleep next to the baby on the floor,“Good night Moon” still in his hands. Just for a while, off his knees.

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