Community…the word that new Mom’s need to hear most.

Within a few weeks, the world changes. A new mother can go from a world full of last-minute, job-turn-over details, nursery preparations, and baby showers, to the joy of birth, and a house full of out-of-town company cooing over the new baby, to being alone with a crying baby, breastfeeding challenges and a body that still feels as if it is not your own. Not to mention, lack of sleep and hormonal changes.

At this point, motherhood enters what one new mother described as “The Charles Dickens months” as in, “It was the best of times, it was the worsts of times…” It’s the best, because you have this new little human being who needs you, who you love more than you thought was possible. But it’s the worst of times because you can’t even manage to get dressed before 2:00 pm in the afternoon, and you can barely close your eyes for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Forget about managing to get your body back in shape! Wouldn’t it be good to talk to a real live person, be able to ask your questions, share a laugh, find some way to get back in shape and be with your baby? Couldn’t you use a little nurturing too?

This is where the Natal to Nest community comes in; where you and your little one are nurtured. Right from the start. Let us help you to welcome your body back and find other new mothers like you. Here’s where you can recover your body and bond with your baby over post natal yoga. Just join our Postnatal Pump Moms Hour Yoga class; it’s Saturday mornings at 8:00 am. Class is taught by instructor Katy Kristofferson, and combines the mindfulness of yoga with strength and cardiovascular fitness. Classes are set to energizing music; and each class will tone and sculpt every major muscle group.

Why wait to get your body back? Take a step back from the internet and become part of a real, live community for new moms. Go to and register for the Natal to Nest Saturday class right now! We’ve got a drop-in rate, a four-week and an eight-week rate.

Community. We’ve got this right from the start too!












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