Where Has May Gone?

Somehow May always seems to be the busiest month of the year. We run around attending awards events, graduations, soccer games, and end-of-school activities for all the children in our lives. We help organize bridal showers, and baby showers, and surprise birthday parties, and any number of celebrations for others.

What about us? What about you? What have you done this month to mother yourself?

The fact is that women seem to mother everyone but themselves; especially new mothers, who often harbor ideals of perfection. But summer is coming and it is time to consider that your mind and body needs some attention to get back in pre-pregnancy shape. Remember, we don’t just offer yoga, we offer educational classes on what to expect and how to handle this wonderful, but sometimes overwhelming time. Go to http://www.nataltonest.com/classes-and-workshops/postpartum-preparation/

Stay tuned for next week’s Natal to Nest newsletter for some great nutritional tips for those expecting or near delivery.

And for those of you trying to get pregnant and thinking of firing up the grill for this Memorial Day weekend, consider this; new research just published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that consuming saturated fats may reduce sperm count (as in the hamburgers, fried foods, and pizza that our guys love). In fact, men with the highest intake had a 41 percent lower count than those who consumed the least.

So, maybe think more veggies and fruit salad for this weekend. And for those dealing with infertility, the next Natal to Nest Challenging Conceptions Wellness Group is May 28th at 7:15 PM. Call 303-221-nest (6378) to RSVP.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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