Fertility focus continues into May!

May is normally a time for new beginnings…perhaps after all the snow we’ve seen here in south Denver, we’ll finally begin to see leaves and blossoms on the trees. Here at Natal to Nest, no matter what the weather has been doing, May marks our announcement of two new fertility-related events: our relationship with Conceptions Reproductive Services and our new “Yoga for Fertility” class taught by Charla Mason-Kelly.

The new Fertility Yoga class is our five week series beginning May 5th @ 2:00 PM . Charla began practicing yoga years ago and discovered its role in fertility later. “ I was thirty nine when I started a family. I had been through a lot of stress. There came a point when I realized how much of the world I was carrying around with me and yoga helped me set it down. Suddenly, I was pregnant.”

The class combines Charla’s extensive experience teaching yoga, with her knowledge of human touch. “I’ve developed this series as a partners group. You’re not alone for a reason. The partner poses allow you and your partner to connect and touch as you listen to your bodies, listen to your thoughts, move back from the stress, become more flexible. You are preparing your bodies and your mental states to become parents.”

Space in the special Natal to Nest “Yoga for Fertility” class is limited, so go to http://www.nataltonest.com/yoga/ to register now.

Announcing Chosen Provider Status with Conceptions Reproductive Services

We’re thrilled that Conceptions Reproductive Associates, whose doctors are known as some of the finest reproductive experts in the nation, has selected Natal to Nest as a chosen provider. Located at 271 W. County Line Road in Littleton, it has built a world class reputation, rated the #1 clinic in Colorado for the last two years in a row. (www.ivfreports.gor). “Conceptions’ emphasis is as much on accessibility, personal attention, and emotional support as it is on medical excellence,” said Lisa Loving-Martellini, Marketing Director. “We go to great lengths so you feel welcomed and supported beginning with your very first visit.”
Conceptions can be reached at 303-738-5318 and its website is www.conceptionsrepro.com. And if you call – tell them we sent you!

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