Taking the ‘lonely’ out of infertility.

Infertility awareness shouldn’t be something talked about only one week per year. For those who long to be parents, fertility should be something we talk about all year. And those who know and love us should be willing to listen.


“Infertility is a lonely place,” a friend of mine wrote several years ago, when dealing with secondary infertility. It was a time when people didn’t share this most personal of challenges; when there wasn’t as much information about it, nor were there the options now available to solve it. But this is today. While she had no community like “Natal to Nest,” you do. Here your hopes for parenthood, and your challenges, are met with practical support, solid resources, and a community of people who share your struggle toward parenthood and your joy when you conceive.


Today I want to share with you my own personal struggle with infertility. Follow the link below to my story:


YOUTUBE.NataltoNest Infertility


I invite you to share this blog and my story with friends and family members who you know are also coping with infertility. There is hope. There are things you can do. Now there is Natal to Nest.


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