This week is “Infertility Awareness Week.”

Rather than a week to be celebrated, this week is a time in which we offer hope, and encouragement. Here at Natal to Nest, you and your dreams of parenthood are nurtured. Right from the start. We’re not here to sell you merchandise; we’re here to educate and support your journey to parent hood and beyond.

For many, this week is a painful reminder that there are so many of us who want to be parents; who wonder why it isn’t happening more quickly. We’ve created a class for those of you wanting to conceive; its called “Yoga for Fertility.” It’s a five-week series starting May 5th @ 2:00 PM. Yes, we know, it’s during the day, but its worth every minute, and space limited. Here’s what fertility yoga instructor Charla Mason-Kelly, has to say about the course: “I’ve developed this series as a partners group…the partner poses allow you and your partner to connect and touch as you listen to your bodies, listen to your thoughts, move back from the stress, become more flexible. You are preparing your bodies and your mental states to become parents.”

By focusing on intentional thoughts and controlled breathing (pranayama), says Mason-Kelly, “You can move past the fear, past the stress and loss…when we choose a word like ‘compassion’ or ‘love’ on which to focus, it can help us find ourselves. We are hardest on ourselves…when trying to get pregnant, it can be so overwhelming. This series is a way to integrate your thoughts and your body.”

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