And then there was…a grand opening!

It was a beautiful day….the opening day for Natal to Nest…and we’re going to be sharing lots of pictures of our grand opening on Saturday, March 30th.

But right now…the most important news is that Natal to Nest is putting on a FREE…yes…FREE….Early Pregnancy Class on April 15th from 6:30-8:30 pm. We’d like you to tell your friends about it so they can call 303-221-NEST (6378) and make a reservation.  The class size is limited and reservations are required. If you’ve learned you’re expecting, this is a special invitation to attend!

The class will cover everything from your changing body, morning sickness, weigh gain, the proper nutrition to support a pregnancy, foods to avoid, the importance of folic acid, to things to consider when choosing a care provider.

You’re in the Natal to Nest family now, so please do SHARE this blog on your social media and help us get the word out  that being Nurtured, Right From the Start,” is a pretty good way to start!

And if your friends ask, tell them that Natal to Nest is the first comprehensive resource in the south Denver area to provide information, resources and healthy beginnings for expectant parents, new parents and those preparing to become pregnant, as well as those facing infertility challenges.

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