Nurtured. Right from the start.

Whether you’re trying to become pregnant, dealing with infertility, or just received wonderful news, Natal to Nest is where planning and preparation come together in one healthy, nurturing environment. We thought about how to express this as our promise to you. It all came down to this: Natal to Nest is where you and your new family will be…“Nurtured. Right from the start.”

Think about those five words.

Webster Dictionary defines the word as stemming from the word nutrition; to nourish. At Natal to Nest, nurturing is at the center of all that we do. Whether it be education and childbirth classes, prenatal and fertility yoga, lactation consultation, massage, mother-tot fitness or the many other classes we’ll offer beginning April 1, 2013, this is the word that establishes our mission.

“Right from the start.”
Webster goes on to say that to be nurtured, “is to focus on all the environmental factors, collectively, to which the individual is subject from conception onward, as distinguished from nature or heredity.” This is a powerful message. It begins in expectation, doing the right things before birth and after. Whether you are a mother, or a mother-to-be, and as an expectant family, come to Natal to Nest for that nurtured start. It all begins March 30, 2013, with our Grand Opening Open House from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Counting down to the birth of Natal to Nest….23 days from today!

Founder, Natal to Nest

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